Matsu Tayuko

Matsu Tayuko

Matsu Tayuko was a bushi of the Lion Clan. She was considered a Paragon of Bushido.

Assault on Scorpion Lands Edit

In 1200 Tayuko was reassigned to Matsu Chizuki's personal forces, in preparation for the assault on Scorpion lands. [1] The Matsu Daimyo led a contingent of Matsu troops to the Scorpion Clan, crossing the small Shamate Pass. Their enemies were waiting them, collapsed the pass behind the front group, cutting them off. Tayuko became Chizuki's personal guard after she killed Bayushi Katsue in personal combat. [2] They advanced into the Fukitsu province, nearby the Second Festering Pit. During an engagement with the Scorpion forces, the Rokugani were surprised by the attack of Oni, appearing from a breach in the Scorpion Wall. In the Battle at the Second Pit Chizuki regrouped and took the Crab troops under her command, suffering heavy losses. Chizuki and most of her command staff survived. [3]

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Matsu Tayuko


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