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Matsu Tadanobu was a shireikan of the Lion Clan.

Naishou Province Edit

Tadanobu was a seasoned and renowned shireikan of the Lion Clan Army, with a harsh speech and stern demeanor. He was a descendant of Matsu Itagi, the Lion Clan Champion who nearly doomed himself after entering the Shadowlands. Tadanobu heard the demands of his ancestor, pushing him to even greater heights, never satisfied. [1]

Naishou Province Edit

Tadanobu was chosen to accompany Miya Ansho, as the new governor of Naishou Province. The Imperial had to re-establish peace in the area, in conflict since the dead of the previous Phoenix governor. Military forces of the Crane and Scorpion were present and had already engaged when Ansho and his Lion troops arrived. Tadanobu deployed his men all through the province, patrolled the streets of the capital, Toshi no Naishou, and kept tabs on the movements of the Crane and Scorpion armies in case war erupted anew. [1]

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