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Matsu Tadaka 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named Lion's Pride

Matsu Tadaka the commander of the City of the Prosperous Dawn.

Early Years Edit

Tadaka was a direct descendant of Matsu Itagi, the Lion Clan Champion who tried to march to the Festering Pit of Fu Leng itself. Son of a samurai-ko of the Lion's Pride unit, a Kitsu Sodan-Senzo foresaw he was destined for a future of dangerous prominence, so Tadaka knew he would become a hero. Tadaka became a paragon of strength and a master of the blade but every deed he performed was overshadowed by an internal deep seething rage. Sometimes Tadaka could not keep his temper under control, and used Bushido as his bulwark against his anger. What Tadaka did not know was that the Kitsu warned the parents of a shadowed path that threatened to draw their child into darkness. [1]

Station Edit

Tadaka was part of the Lion contingent to the Eternal Danger Islands, an archipelago south of the Crane coastline. His mother sent Kitsu Asageko to watch over Tadaka for signs of his angry nature growing out of control. His superior Ikoma Takei assigned him [2] as the commander of the City of the Prosperous Dawn, under the command of the governor Miya Onako, who resided at Shiro no Raiden. Eventually peasant woodsmen came racing into the city, reporting of dead bodies in the forest nearby. The scene of the massacre was examined by the shugenja and hunter Moto Kesshite with Asako Hiiromi, who found several Rokugani pinned down by unknown creatures, leaving behind only one survivor. Onako ordered Kesshite to discover the culprit with the aid of Tadaka. [3]

Savagery Edit

In the Inn of the Last Light Tadaka listened two druken samurai to speak ill of Onako. With joy he beheaded them and traveled to the Screaming Springs to meditate. Miya Onako offered only the most minimal chastisement to Tadaka. [4]

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