Matsu Shinya 
Matsu Shinya 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1159, Month of the Goat [1]

Matsu Shinya was a bushi of the Lion Clan.

War of Fire and Snow Edit

When in 1159 [2] the Lion were forced to withdraw their forces from the Dragon-Phoenix War, only Shinya and a handful of Matsu remained to stand beside the Phoenix against the Dragon. [3]

Death Edit

Shiba Aikune, outraged by the perceived betrayal of the Lion, demanded that the few Lion who remained pay the price. [4] In 1159, when Aikune met the Lion forces still stationed in Phoenix lands, he insulted them [5] and instigated a duel with their leader, Shinya. [6] Aikune, driven half mad by Isawa's Last Wish, unleashed its power. Even as the fires of the Last Wish consumed him, Shinya did not fall. His blade cut the air inches from Aikune's face. The Phoenix looked into the samurai's eyes as he died, and knew that in the Lion Clan he had found a worthy foe. [7] Shinya's surviving men Ikoma Korin, and Matsu Watako fled back through the Phoenix lands. [8] [9]

External Links Edit

Death of Matsu Shinya

Death of Matsu Shinya


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