Matsu Shinjiki was a bushi and magistrate of the Lion Clan.

Warrior Edit

Shinjiki had no lust for battle, after his experiences during the War of Spirits. The lines in his face run deep; his eyes were dark and haunted since then. The thirst for battle he possessed as a youth was replaced by a drive for justice. [1]

Magistrate Edit

Shinjiki was the local magistrate of Kenson Mura in 1159. He honed his skills at counter-espionage against Scorpion spies, using any means at his disposal, even ones that could be considered dishonorable. Shinjiki had tortured and interrogated scores of spies and potential saboteurs. He had the tacit support of Matsu Kouji, Kenson Gakka's governor, to do whatever was necessary to root out potential enemies. [1]


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