Matsu Shindoku 
Matsu Shindoku 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1123

Matsu Shindoku was a sailor from the Lion Clan.

Driven Edit

Shindoku had one goal, to destroy the Crane Clan at any cost, feeding on the anger he felt because Kakita was chosen over Matsu in the Dawn of the Empire. [1]

Training Edit

During his studies in Akodo school much better Crane bushi, Doji Ayo, consistently bested Shindoku. The Lion was expelled whe he failed an ambush against the Crane. [2]

Piracy Edit

He had laid low ever since, but in 1121 one of his agents, a geisha visited by Doji Hoturi, was able to steal Crane shipping schedules. [3] Shindoku used the information to organize pirates to harass the Crane-Mantis trade routes. He hired them as part of a long term scheme to bring down the Crane. [4] Many important shipments were lost, and the two clans each began to accuse the other. [5]

Chukandomo Edit

The pirates sunk a ship which was carrying Chukandomo, one of the five ancient blades forged by Doji Yasurugi, to the Doji Daimyo Doji Hoturi, as a gift of the Mantis Clan Champion Yoritomo. [6] The pirate captain, Anjin, requested a high price for it, and they did not agree on a price. [1]

Framing the Crane Edit

After the Captain's Honor was sunk and its crew butchered, Shindoku sent three of his men posing as the only sailor surviving the pirate attack. They brought to Yoritomo a Crane wakizashi as evidence to support accusation of Crane piracy. [7] The blade had been stolen by these men to Ikuko, a dishonored Daidoji became ronin, the perfect scapegoat. [1]

Investigation Edit

A group of Emerald Magistrates investigated the pirate attacks, and tracked them down to their lair in a secluded island. Shindoku hid among the crew who transported the magistrates, and joined the pirates when they were confronted. When Anjin died under the wrath of Chukandomo, consumed in fires, the pirates and Shindoku surrendered. [8]

Death Edit

In the return trip the vessel was attacked by yorei, led by Gemasu's spirit, samurai who died with his ship when Chukandomo was stolen by the pirates. Eager to fulfill the duty Yoritomo entrusted to Gemasu, the magistrates were forced to hand over the blade to him. Shindoku foolishly attempted to take Chukandomo from the yorei's hands, and Gemasu struck him down. [9]

Aftermath Edit

When Shindoku's involvement was known the tensions between the Lion and Crane increased greatly. [5]

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