Matsu Shimesu

Matsu Shimesu

Matsu Shimesu was an armorer of the Lion Clan.

Birth and Childhood Edit

In 1100, when he was a child, he was supposed to be exchanged for one year with a Kakita child as an act of goodwill. Both the escorts were slaughtered by agents of the Scorpion Clan, and the children were stolen in an effort to sow animosity between the Crane and Lion Clans. [1]

Heimin Edit

As the Scorpion had no real need for Shimesu, he was given to a heimin family in the Crab lands to live out his life as a commoner. However he managed to flee the village and return home. But the Matsu were not pleased with his survival and warned him to leave, or he would be killed. The family could never acknowledge him or they would risk being blamed for the Kakita's disappearance. [2]

Bayushi Sozui Edit

The Kakita child was raised by the Scorpion as Bayushi Sozui. [1] While growing up Shimesu had spent many years watching Sozui. He blamed the Scorpion and her clan for much of his misfortune in life. [3] Shimesu made it his lifes mission to track down the Scorpion instigator, and kill her. [2]

Legacy of the Forge Edit

Shimesu was working as an armorer at the Castle of the Swift Sword when he saw Sozui investigating the scrolls of the Kitsu, for an unknown but ill purpose. Shimesu told what he knew to the shikken Tankenka. The Scorpion was reading the Kitsu Jikai's accounts, and Shimesu retrieved the last part before Sozui could read them, which told of the Legacy of the Forge and the danger they would pose if unleashed on the Mortal World. The scroll was hidden in a hirajiro upon the Plains of Battle. When Tankenka arrived Sozui already had moved on to Toshi Ranbo. Tankenka continued on to Toshi Ranbo, leaving Shimesu behind to safeguard the knowledge of their findings. [3]

Seeking Sozui Edit

Tankenka died in the Battle of the Forgotten Tide murdered by Sozui. Shimesu joined a group of samurai who proved him the Kitsu Sodan Senzo Kitsu Goden was her accompliance. [4]

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