Matsu Shigatori was a Lion Clan samurai who had repeatedly sent messengers to Kakita Toshimoko's dojo at the capital requesting a duel with Toshimoko. Finally his patience broke, and he sought out Toshimoko, finding him on the Tachibana Road teaching a 13 year old Doji Hoturi. Shigatori boasted to Toshimoko about his accomplishments, attempting to draw him into a duel, but Toshimoko simply enraged Shigatori into attacking him. Toshimoko quickly dispatched Shigatori, his blade never leaving it's saya, and told Hoturi to withdraw two gold koku from the unconcious body of Shigatori, as payment for the "private lesson" he had just had.[1]

"I am Matsu Shigatori! I have come to the capital to test my sword against yours. For five days and four nights, my messengers have carried challenges to your dojo. For five days and four nights, you have ignored them! And now, in order to face you, I must chase after you like an alley dog? You are a coward!"

Accomplishments Edit

When confronting Toshimoko, Shigatori bragged that he had killed six Scorpion at the Battle of the White Pines as well as bested Hida Matahachi in single combat at the Sengyo Bridge with his blade broken.[1]


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