Matsu Shibai 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Hayameru Daimyo

Matsu Shibai of House Hayameru was the daimyo of the Hayameru family, vassals of the Matsu. [1]

Traitor Edit

Shibai and his family had been trapped within a small fortress near Beiden Pass with the forces of the Scorpion Clan assualting them. The Scorpion agreed to spare Hayameru's children in exchange for his surrender of the castle. [1]

Death Edit

Before the battle, Hayameru's personal guards discovered the plot and alerted the Matsu, and Hayameru was branded a traitor. His own men turned upon him and tore him apart. [1]

Creation of the Deathseeker Edit

The last contingent of Hayameru samurai begged to be allowed to commit seppuku, but because of the Scorpion army outside the castle, the Matsu Daimyo could not lose so many warriors. Instead, she commanded that if they wished to give their lives for their honor, they could do it upon the fields of battle. The Hayameru led the strike against the Scorpion at dawn, and due to their ferocity and disregard for their lives, the Lion won the battle. It was the beginning of the Deathseeker tradition. [1]


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Preceded by:
Hayameru Daimyo
? - 1158
Succeeded by:

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