Matsu Seijuro 
Matsu Seijuro 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Un-named son

Matsu Seijuro was bushi of the Lion Clan. He was nicknamed the Golden Crane for his skills as a duelist. [1]

Appearance Edit

Seijuro was a large man with gleam eyes, and his face was marked by his furrowed brow. He hid his face behind a snarling mempo. [2] Seijuro had a thundering voice he tended to chuckle while in battle. Seijuro did not know when to relax. Everything was a competition to him, every act a challenge. [3]

Early Years Edit

Training Edit

Matsu Seijuro 2

Matsu Seijuro

Seijuro was sent to forestage exchange to the Kakita Academy, to repair relations between the Lion and the Crane. Doji Kuwanan, son of the Crane Clan Champion, arrived at the Akodo Bushi school. Seijuro decided that he was meant to be an example of the Lion's strength for the Crane around him, and endeavored to be the best student. While never reaching the perfection he demanded of himself, he impressed and inspired many with his dedication. [4]

Returned Home Edit

He returned to Lion lands with a Kakita Blade in his obi. His brethren dismissed his training, routinely mocking him, and telling him he could never be considered a "true" Lion, making him angry. Seijuro had became a skilled duelist during his Crane training, and any time he felt slighted, he would challenge his fellow samurai. After killing his first six opponent, they stopped insulting him. After that he was treated with respect and his opinion was sought when maters of the Crane arose. [2] He founded the Matsu Duelist school, beginning with what he learned from the Crane and altered it to best benefit the Lion. [5]

Station Edit

Matsu Seijuro 4

Matsu Seijuro

Unexplained march to Crab lands Edit

Seijuro was one of the Lion ranks who journeyed with Ikoma Ujiaki when the Lion army began an unexplained march to the Kaiu Wall in 1132, [6] and later fought in the Battle of Oblivion's Gate. [7]

Family Edit

His son inherited his skills, and in turn he passed this knowledge as sensei to samurai of the next generation. [8]

After Life Edit

Matsu Seijuro 3

Soul of Matsu Seijuro

Matsu Seijuro passed away, but remained to spirit the young samurai of his clan. In the late 12th century his spirit communed with Kitsu Leiko, and convinced her to use the Sodan-senzo arts for war. [9] His descendant Matsu Seijuko inherited his skills with the blade. [10]

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