Matsu Sanraku 
Matsu Sanraku 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1168

Matsu Sanraku was a bushi of the Lion Clan, and a member of the gozoku.

Shogun's Army Edit

Sanraku was under the Shogun's command, Kaneka. [1]

Station Edit

Sanraku became the chui of the Third Legion, Second Company, leading a Kaisha. He was an impressively large man, and uesed to wield his no-dachi with both hands. During the Khan's Defiance he was appointed in the western Lion border, to defend Lion lands of any incursion of the Khan's forces. [2]

Death Edit

In 1168 his kaisha engaged a larger unicorn force. Sanraku was able to kill Shinjo Suboto, but he was murdered by the Unicorn leader, Utaku Tama. [2]

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