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Matsu Rika 
Matsu Rika 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Matsu Kenji,
Matsu Michi 
Siblings: Matsu Chizuki,
Matsu Hachiken

Matsu Rika was a bushi member of the Lion's Pride. She was considered a paragon of bushido.

Family Edit

Rika was the youngest children of Matsu Kenji, the Matsu Daimyo. [1] The new Matsu Daimyo was Matsu Chizuki, [2] her older sister, and Matsu Hachiken was her younger brother. [3] Her father was Matsu Michi. [4]

Yodotai Edit

Rika trained all her life with one purpose, which she finally met in 1199. During a battle against the Yodotai in the Western Wastes, Rika managed to confront the enemy General, Legulus. She was wounded during the duel, but the timely arrival of Shinjo Min-Hee sealed Legulu's fate, who was beheaded by the Khan while Rika was still striking at him. [1]

Betrothed Edit

Shortly before the coronation of Iweko Seiken in 1200, the sister of the Matsu Daimyo was betrothed to the Dragon Clan Champion Mirumoto Shikei. [5]

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