Matsu Reiko was an Imperial Guard, second to the Seppun Ishikawa, the Captain's Guard, and most probably a member of the kolat conspiracy.

Leaving the Guard Edit

When Ishikawa left the guard and the Seppun, joining the Crane Clan, Rieko and the rest of the regiment followed him. [1]

Investigation Edit

They moved to the Lion-Scorpion border, in the Spine of the World Mountains, looking to unveil the Scorpion conspiracy to poison the Emperor and secure control of Rokugan. Reiko believed to set camp near Scorpion hideouts was risky, but she was convinced by Ishikawa that since they left the Guard, their lifes were always in danger. [1]

Pawns of Prophecy Edit

The group found a supposedly abanadoned Scorpion tower, Heavens Crossroads, from where an arrow was fired, killing the scout Ryuki. They engaged a group of Scorpion ronin, who were killed. In the tower they found a scroll, with a prophecy which foretold the Emperor would be possessed by Fu Leng. [1]

Crab assaults Otosan Uchi Edit

Two years after the beginning of their wanderings, Ishikawa returned to the Imperial city, while Hida Kisada was storming its walls. Ishikawa had decided to support his sworn enemy, the Emperor's wife Bayushi Kachiko, to offer himself in her service and cause, against Hantei XXXIX, as the scroll told about that the Emperor would be corrupted from within, and fall to the Deceivers. [1]

Kolat Edit

The arrow fired at Heavens Crossroads was sent by Shinjo Yokatsu, a Kolat Master, and the incident at Heavens Crossroads including the discovered scroll were merely a distraction to Ishikawa's investigation, who had been near to uncover the kolat by happenstance. Reiko most probably was part of the conspiracy, as she wielded a crystal tear when Ishikawa left her at Otosan Uchi, which could have been one of the Tears of the Oni's Eye. [1] The prophecy about the Deceivers was not the Hantei and the return of Fu Leng, but a forewarning of the Shadows and its future hold on Toturi I.


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