Matsu Ouka

Matsu Ouka

Matsu Ouka was a bushi of the Lion Clan.

Training Edit

Ouka was an oddity for a Matsu, fierce enough, but lacking the rage of the average Matsu samurai. She was appointend in the Lion heavy regulars. During maneuvers near Shiro Matsu Ouka demonstrated great accuracy with the spear, and was transferred to the Lion Elite Spearmen. [1]

Station Edit

War of the Rich Frog Edit

Ouka and her unit participated in the battle of Sukoshi Zutsu, the finale of the War of the Rich Frog. She saw her Clan Champion, Matsu Nimuro, killed in personal combat with the Khan, Moto Chagatai. [2]

Yoshino's Vow Edit

In 1169 Ouka was present at Shiro Matsu in the Matsu Yoshino's vow to assault Shiro Moto in one year's time, which would be known as the march to Shiro Moto. Yoshino boasted that he would personally kill the Khan Moto Chagatai. [3] Ouka became one of Yoshino's most ardent supporters. [2]

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