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Matsu Omane 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Matsu Satoko

Matsu Omane was a samurai-ko of the Lion Clan, daughter to Matsu Satoko. [1]

War of the Rich Frog Edit

Omane was a gunso when she participated in the War of the Rich Frog. She treated the Machi-Kanshisha, the city's ronin militia, no more than “glorified ashigaru”. [2]

Fighting the Unicorn Edit

In 1165 she pursued a group of mounted Unicorn through the City of the Rich Frog's streets, after they had stolen rice supplies from the Lion. Their Kaeru allies, the Machi-Kanshisha, cornered the Unicorn with spikes. The Khol Raiders were led by Moto Izumi, who revealed Omane's pursuit had become a Unicorn ambush, with yomanri archers on each roof nearby. Despite it, the Unicorn were outnumbered three to one, but Izumi declined to surrender, and both groups engaged. [3]


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