Matsu Okujo

Matsu Okujo

Matsu Okujo was a bushi of the Lion Clan.

Love Edit

Okujo was a student at the Akodo War College, and Okujo was a fine student. The school did not teach him how to court however, and when he met the woman he knew to be his soul mate, Ikoma Nidoko, he knew not what to do. Another suitor, Kakita Ryurai, was seeking Nidoko's favors, so Okujo challenged the Crane. In the end he triumphed, winning the heart of Nidoko through the virtue of his feelings and one impulsive action. [1]

Dishonored Edit

Okujo and Nidoko met again Ryurai at Otosan Uchi, where the duelist continued to pursue his romance with Nidoko. Okujo killed Ryurai in a duel, with his ensuing dishonor for spilled noble blood inside the Emperor's own home. Okujo was banished from the Imperial City and Nidoko followed. [1]

War with the Crane Edit

During the Lion-Crane War Okujo fought in the field, while Nidoko disappeared, to atone her dishonor. Upset about the disappearance of his love, took out his frustrations against the Crane armies. [1]

Nidoko's fate Edit

Eventually, Okujo set out to find Nidoko in the Phoenix lands, where rumors of a samurai matching her description, carrying a baby and traveling with a Crane samurai, abounded. Traveling with him was his chui Matsu Daishi, assigned to defend him from all danger. [1]

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