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Matsu Oki 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Matsu Mochihime,
Matsu Itagi

Matsu Oki was a bushi of the Lion Clan.

Family Edit

Oki was the younger sister of Matsu Itagi [1] and Matsu Daimyo Matsu Mochihime. Mochihime was cast out during the Gozoku rulership becoming the ronin Mochiko in 391. Oki's sister became the Emerald Champion and rejoined the clan after the fall of the Gozoku in 436. [2]

Family Edit

She idolized her brother from a young age. After Itagi disappeared into the Shadowlands in 412 she was convinced the Crab had tricked her brother and led him to his death. Oki assembled an army and marched on Kyuden Hida, demanding her brother returned immediately, or else she would sack the castle in retribution. The Crab Clan Champion, Hida Tadaka, could not defend the castle against the amassed Lion army, and so he volunteered to enter the Shadowlands to look for Itagi. Five days later they returned, mortally wounded. Oki heard her brother's last words as he died in her arms, then returned with her army to Lion lands. [1] A sect of the Kitsu family immediately commissioned the construction of a shrine to Bishamon, the Fortune of Strength. [3]

Heritage Edit

It was unclear if Oki took the position of her fallen brother, as Matsu Daimyo or Lion Champion. [citation needed]


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