Matsu Nokori 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 62

Matsu Nokori was a samurai-ko of the Lion Clan in the 1st century.

Otosan Uchi Edit

A young Nokori was commanded to organize Otosan Uchi's perimeter defenses during the War Against Fu Leng. She fought in the Battle of Four Winds but her morale was demolished after she heard the Emperor Hantei had been mortally wounded by an oni which had breached the city's defenses. [1]

Death Edit

Twenty years later, near her retirement age, Nokori was found dead in the War Offices at the Enchanted Wall. Her soul refused to pass away and remained watching the city wall, particularly its two gate houses. [1]

After Death Edit

Nokori was nominated an Imperial official representative by the Otomo, in charge to organize the spirits the Kitsu drew to the city. This task restored Nokori's sense of her own honor and she would eventually move to the Spirit Realms. [2]


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