Matsu Mori

Matsu Mori

Matsu Mori was a cavalry officer in the armies of the Lion Clan, captain of the Lion Warden. [1]

Unicorn Hatred Edit

The Unicorn were the responsible of his father's death. When the Unicorn and the Lion were at open war in 1132 Mori sought his revenge. [2]

Oblivion's Gate Edit

The Race to Volturnum Edit

During the fighting leading up to the Battle of Oblivion's Gate in Volturnum, Mori found in the Shi-Khan Wastes a small group of Phoenix Clan samurai led by Shiba Tsukune guarding the incomplete Council of Five as they attempted to perform a ritual that would transport entire legions of armies directly to Volturnum, without having to first fight through the ranks of [undead]] and oni that stood in their way. The Phoenix were unable to leave the Masters, who had already begun their ritual, so Mori chose to stay with his two men and aid them against the coming onslaught of oni and Goju Shadowmancers. [3]

Destruction and Salvation Edit

Tsukune and her fellows were badly injured or dead as the Goju exploded into ash. Mori protected Tsukune with his very body and called to retreat. Shiba Raigen denied the command, and made his stand, who Mori quickly followed. Wounded Tsukune managed to call to the Soul of Shiba forming a protective shield around the remaining samurai on the field, saving them from death. The shield came just in time for the ritual to spin out of control and then be saved by the returned spirtit of Isawa Tomo. The Masters stepped through the portal that formed into Volturnum. [3]

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