Matsu Mikura

Matsu Mikura

Matsu Mikura was a bushi of the Lion Clan.

Demeanor Edit

Mikura, cousin of the Matsu Daimyo Matsu Kenji, was carefree, happy, and playful, even when she should be more deferential to status or blood. She knew and reveled in her youth, participating in games self-conscious samurai would not dream of playing. She was a gorgeous girl and would grow to be a beautiful woman. She was unaware of the effect her looks had on others. [1]

Fostered to the Mantis Edit

Matsu Mikura 2

Matsu Mikura

Mikura was the top of her class when she graduated the Matsu Bushi school. [2] To improve relations between the Lion and the Mantis Clan her aunt Kenji fostered Mikura to the Mantis, to train with the Yoritomo. [1]

Training Edit

Mikura was considered one of the brightest students of her generation. Her abilities had never been disputed, but her irreverence had earned her much censure in the past. Her new sensei among the Yoritomo strictly punished her despite her position as guest. She was assigned to a Mantis kobune. [1]

Archery Edit

Mikura spent some time with retired Tsuruchi becoming monks followers of Tsubo. The very act of releasing the arrow allowed them to practice a technique of no mind, where they felt at one with their surroundings. In that state, they said, one could find enlightenment. [1]

Plague War Edit

After a year Mikura returned home, completed two tours of duty on the Deathless and served within Toshi Ranbo. [3] Later she was stationed near the Lion-Scorpion border under Matsu Misato's command. In 1172 during the Plague War they were informed by Ikoma Toruken that a horde of Plague Zombies had invaded the Lion territory from the Scorpion border and were ravaging the area. Misato had few forces at her disposal, being the majority of the Lion army in the southern border or with the Shogun. Mikura devised a plan, the village of Aichi would be used as a bait. The Lion waited until the undead, a fraction of the horde, swarmed it. The zombies were ambushed by the Lion forces and despite being less in numbers the tactic deployed would let the victory to the Lion. [4]

Age of Exploration Edit

Mikura was one of the Lion's best strategists and warriors during the Destroyer War and continued to serve them into the Age of Exploration. [2]

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