Matsu Mikiu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Akodo Matoko,
Daidoji Uragirin

Matsu Mikiu was a bushi of the Lion Clan.

Family Edit

Mikiu was the daughter of Akodo Matoko, and the general Daidoji Uragirin. Their parents were married as part of the forced truce between both clans, as ordered by the Emperor Hantei XXXVIII. [1]

Training Edit

Mikiu passed her gempukku in 1122, at about the same time the Lion-Crane War erupted. The Imperial House allowed her to choose school, save the Akodo and Daidoji, to avoid further friction between the clans. She chose the Matsu, becoming Matsu Mikiu. [2]

Lion-Crane War Edit

Her mother requested to allow her to stand down during the war, so she had not to fight her husband's clan. Uragirin was not as well stablished in the ranks of the Crane, vanishing into the north to join the Crane armies. Matoko immediately withdrew her petition and join his Clan army as well. Eventually Matoko was retired from battlefield and appointed as Rikugunshokan and sensei in the Western Lion Embassy at Otosan Uchi. [3]

Romance Edit

Mikiu took over the family duties at their former home, but spent much time with her mother. Mikiu was having a romance with the impetuous Moto Ujiaki, stationed at the Unicorn embassy. [2]

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