Matsu Masutaro 
Matsu Masutaro 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1165 
Titles: Champion of Yu

Matsu Masutaro was a tainted Deathseeker of the Lion Clan.

Appearance and Demeanor Edit

His taint made his eyes dead and merciless. [1] Masutaro as deathseeker sought to die in combat. [2]

Suicide Mission Edit

In 1165 the Lion Clan Champion, Matsu Nimuro tasked Masutaro with a suicide mission. He and Ikoma Fujimaro had to come to Juujiro Mura to confirm if a bandit gang threatening it were disguised mercenaries, as a monk had informed. Masutaro had to challenge the bandit leader, which normally would be refused, and they would cut Masutaro down where he stood. If the challenge would be accepted, Fujimaro would observe his technique to determine his clan affiliation. [3]

Gathering the Companions Edit

In the way to the village Fujimaro fired and arrow that was near to kill a rider, who was the Shogun's taisa, Shiba Danjuro. They marched together and met Asako Katsuhito, Shosuro Maru, Bayushi Muhito and Kakita Korihime. The monk leader of the Order of Heroes, Koan, had manipulated them in order to take them into the village. Fourty eight bandits would arrive to ask the villagers tribute they would not afford. Two other villages had been already razed when they could not pay the quantity they would ask. The assembled samurai rallied to defend the village. [1]

Death Edit

The peasants were convinced by Maru to defend their home, and hastily built fortifications. The bandits, led by Kobuta, attacked the village. Katsuhito died in a suicide attack that killed the enemy shugenja in the bandit ranks, Muhito was grievously wounded, and only Maru was not bathered or injured. The village had survived at great cost. Masutaro had died taking in return Kobuta's life. [2]

After Death: Champion of Yu Edit

Koan proclaimed they had represented the virtues of Bushido, becoming the Champions of Bushido. Masutaro was proclaimed the Champion of Yu (Courage). [2]

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