Matsu Maruoka was a bushi of the Lion Clan and member of the Lion's Pride. [1]

Appearance Edit

Maruoka had a tremendous personal beauty and charisma, and her beauty could rival that of any woman in the Empire. When on full military dress, he showed her rich voice and commanding pres­ence. [2]

Station Edit

In 1158 Maruoka commanded a recon­naissance force agains the Tsuno. She found far more Tsuno than expected, turning into a desperate battle for survival. She confronted the Tsuno commander in personal combat, and while she laid on the ground badly wounded, the Tsuno tripped over a corpse, and fell on the point of her sword. The Tsuno's morale was broken and Maruoka's troops routed them. Maruoka was appointed as general. [2]

Commander of the Kyakuchu garrison Edit

In 1159 Maruoka was appointed as the leader of the Lion forces at Footnote Village, where the Imperial Legions still had presence. The Legion commander was Toturi Tsudao herself, having a personal command post there. Whenever Tsudao was present, Maruoka deferred to her. [1]

Banditry Edit

In 1169 Maruoka asked Matsu Takeko about her encounter with bandits and complimented the young bushi on her courage. [3]


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