Matsu Mabuchi

Matsu Mabuchi

Matsu Mabuchi was a bushi of the Lion Clan.

Ruins of Otosan Uchi Edit

In 1165 Mabuchi was part of a Lion expedition [1] to search for any historical records that could have survived Otosan Uchi's destruction. The mission was led by the poet Matsu Hyun, but Lion leaders as Akodo Shigetoshi or Akodo Tadenori were working as heimin carrying sheaves of scrolls. They killed an oni who was pursuing three men of the Sword of Yotsu. Yotsu Iemitsu told that more than thirty of these beasts had been appeared from the empty Imperial Palace. Hyun was ordered to ride to Kyuden Seppun asking for Imperial Legions reinforcements. [2]

Cornered Edit

The Shadowlands forces outnumbered the Lion and ronin Yotsu. They retreated and defended the Deathseeker's Shrine for three days, surrounded by the Shadowlands. They were released by reinforcements led by Ikoma Otemi and Kitsu Juri. The Battle in the Ruined City avoided the creation of a new Festering Pit in the ruins of the former Imperial City. [3]

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