Matsu Koyama 
Matsu Koyama 
Born: Unknown 
Titles: Imperial Yojimbo

Matsu Koyama was a Bushi of the Lion Clan.

Shogun's army Edit

Koyama was appointed as Imperial Yojimbo, [1] and his charge was the Shogun Moto Taigo. [2] [3]

Chasing bandits Edit

In 1198 the Shogun chased a bandit group to their lair and destroyed them. The brigands had raided an Imperial caravan, but only a scroll was returned to the Miya by Moto Chuko. The Miya Herald was escorted back by Matsu Koyama. [4]

Dark Naga Edit

Sightings of Naga were reported by peasants, so the Shogun's forces investigated the matter. [2]

Colonies Edit

Koyama moved to the Colonies to determine a suitable location for an outpost for the Shogunate in the Empty Plains. [5] He found there the Oasis of the Seven Eternal Rainbows. [6]

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Matsu Koyama


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