Matsu Koritome 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 443 
Siblings: Several un-named brothers

Matsu Koritome was a bushi of the Lion Clan. He was considered to be one of the greatest archers to have ever lived in Rokugan and was one of the most revered Lion heroes in the Hall of Ancestors. [1]

Emperor Hantei Muhaki Edit

Following the death of Empress Hantei Yugozohime at the Battle of White Stag, the Empire rallied around her successor, Hantei Muhaki. In 443 [2] a treacherous gaijin ambassador was able to call parley with Muhaki under a flag of surrender. The gaijin claimed that he desired an end to the bloodshed and would leave immediately if Muhaki would give them vital supplies for the voyage. Muhaki agreed to the meeting. [1]

Ambush Edit

It turned out that the meeting was a trap. The gaijin ambassador had ten rifle snipers in hiding at the meeting place who devastated the Seppun and Lion contingent sent to negotiate. When the dust from their volley began to settle, Matsu Koritome was still standing. He managed to kill three snipers with his bow before the others realized that he was still alive. Koritome shot all the snipers and thrust his tanto into the gaijin ambassador's heart before succumbing to his gunshot wounds. [1]

Koritome family Edit

Following the incident, Muhaki declared an archery tournament for the Lion in Koritome's honor. After two days, two-hundred of the Lion's finest archers were still in the competition. In delight, the Lion Clan Champion declared all of those contestants to be the newly created Koritome family, vassals of the Matsu family. [1] Koritome's eldest brother was appointed the family's new daimyo. [3]


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