Please note: This article is about the representative of the Hito district in the Sentaku Tribunal. For other uses of the term, please see Kori (disambiguation).

Matsu Kori was a samurai-ko representative of the Hito district in the Sentaku Tribunal at Otosan Uchi prior to the Scorpion Coup.

Early Years Edit

Kori was a bushi with taste for the arts, and her friend Otaku Geshiko, was a warrior to the core. They knew each other from childhood, as their families were ‘old nobility’ of the Hito district. Until their gempukku, the two studied under the same sensei and sparred against one another daily. Kori ussed his family's funds to buy art, which was passed to Miya Yoto, and exposed in one wing of Kibo, the Miya palace at Otosan Uchi. [1]

Sentaku Tribunal Edit

Kori and Geshiko became the Hito representatives at the Sentaku Tribunal, with the duty to cater the military applicants who wished to enter the Forbidden City. They publicly bickered incessantly over every application, which was found too much emotional for most people, who withdrew their applications. Only those who were genuinely devoted to entering the Forbidden City had the tolerance to endure their unorthodox questioning. [2]

Suitor Edit

Kori in 1123 had begun to be courted by Ikoma Gomuri, assistant to Geshiko's father, the Hito Governor Ide Ukuri. One night they went together to a Noh performance. She did not know the lechery Gomuri was courting her friend Geshiko at the same time. [2]

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