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Matsu Kiriko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 50 
Parents: Matsu 
Titles: Matsu Daimyo

Matsu Kiriko, known as the Daughter of Battle, was the daughter of Matsu herself and her heir. [1]

Destroying the Kitsu Edit

Kiriko shared Akodo's zealous attitude in hunting down and destroying the enemies of the Empire, and when the Kitsu race were first discovered she urged her lord to war. [1]

Feud with the Kakita Edit

In the year 50 the Matsu family attacked the Kakita family's holdings south of Otosan Uchi, goaded by the stories of Kakita's insults against their founder. The Phoenix allied the Crane, while the Scorpion supported the Lion. Genji decreed such actions legal and honorable. The Matsu eventually halted their attacks, feeling they had proven their point. [2] Kiriko made a suicidal attack on a reinforced Crane stronghold, showing that words had consequences, and with her death she bought the Lion immunity from the Crane's retribution. [1]

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Preceded by:
Matsu Daimyo
42 - 50
Succeeded by:


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