Matsu Kioma

Matsu Kioma

Matsu Kioma was the Lord of Kenson Gakka in the early 12th century. [1]

Station Edit

Kioma during his training pubicly demonstrated lack of respect for Akodo's Leadership. After his gempukku he was not appointed on the field of battle, as he wished, but to Kenson Gakka, a location considered safe and of little import. This post was given because Kioma's blood connection with the Imperial line. [2]

Castle's Lord Edit

In 1120 the city's commanding officer, Akodo Ikare, shamed the Lion attackimg the nearby monastery Yaruki Jukko, slaughtering the resident monks and their Crane visitors. [3] The leadership of the troops fell to Kioma, who refused to surrender Kenson Gakka to the Scorpion forces, who had presented the events, and laying claim to the castle. [4] The Battle of the Humble Turtle began [5] and Kioma managed to defend the castle. [6]

Aftermath Edit

The monk slaughtering by a corrupt Lion general tarnished the clan's honor, and raised the tensions with the Crane. [7] It wouls lead in open war years later, the Lion-Crane War.

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