Matsu Kiare was an ambassador of the Lion Clan.

Winter Court - 1122 Edit

In 1122 Kiare was traveling to Kyuden Seppun to attend the Imperial Winter Court. On the way his escort suffered a terrible attack from Daidoji guardsmen. The attackers focused upon their horses, and Kiare escaped with few injuries, but the attack was responsible for their late arrival at Winter Court. When the Lion took up the matter it was left unresolved due to the intervention of a female Dragonfly courtier. [1] [2]

Raising tensions with the Crane Edit

Tankenka, an Imperial shikken, guessed the mastermind of the event was the Scorpion infiltrator Bayushi Sozui, impersonating the Dragonfly courtier, and most probably the Daidoji would be Scorpion in disguise. [1] This event was one of several that later would lead in open war between Lion and Crane Clans, the Lion-Crane War. [3]


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