Matsu Kasei 
Matsu Kasei 
Born: Unknown 
Titles: Turquoise Champion

Matsu Kasei was a bushi of the Lion Clan.

Station Edit

Kasei was a member of the Empress' Guard during the reign of Iweko I. [1]

Destroyer War Edit

Matsu Kasei 2

Matsu Kasei

In 1172 Kasei passed on the Empress' order to seek Daigotsu Oki to Matsu Kenji after Oki had infiltrated the Imperial Palace and functioned as a mouth piece for Daigotsu, who had possessed the Pekkle no Oni. [2] Kasei marched with Kenji and the Lioness Legion to the Badger lands. A superior force of Yobanjin ambushed them and hindered the pursuit of Oki. The intervention of a Shinjo Scouts detachment commanded by Shinjo Dun defeated the Army of Fire forces. [3]

Taishuu Edit

Kasei was one of the guards of Taishuu, who had become a follower of Daigotsu's and was the Spider Clan's ambassador to the Empire in the Imperial City. In 1172 he oversaw the meeting between the Imperial Chancellor Susumu and Taishuu. They spoke about the gigantic creature that ravaged the Scorpion lands, the God-Beast of Kali-Ma. Kasei realised that Taishuu was able to secretly commune with the Dark Lord, although the ambassador was kept under permanent supervision. [4] Kasei used to make his patrol with Tsuruchi Sanjo, [5] and despite Sanjo's habit of complaining about everything they became good friends. [6]

Turquoise Champion Edit

In 1173 Matsu Kasei was the victor in the first Turquoise Championship, [6] [7] as being considered the greatest artisan in the Empire. [8] A Turquoise Champion should encourage art in others, as Kasei's story about his friend Hida Tatsuma, [6] who was released of his station as Empress' Guard and hurried to join his brethren in the battlefield [5] where he died. [6]

Succesor Edit

In 1198 Matsu Kasei was an aged samurai, venerated by any who attended the Imperial Court. [9] This year Ikoma Satoru became the new Turquoise Champion. [10]

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Preceded by:
Turquoise Champion
1173 - 1198
Succeeded by:
Ikoma Satoru


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