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Matsu Karoko

Matsu Karoko

Matsu Karoko was a samurai-ko of the Lion Clan.

Retaliating the Scorpion Edit

Her Lady, Matsu Chizuki, commanded Karoko to punish the Scorpion, to teach them what it meaned to cross the Matsu. [1] Chizuki told that she had to spend the winter training her troops, to attack the Scorpion when the spring thaws came. [2] In 1200 Karoko was part of a Lion army advancing into the Scorpion lands. During an engagement against Scorpion forces, nearby the Second Festering Pit, the Rokugani were surprised by the attack of Oni, appearing from a breach in the Scorpion Wall. [3]

Gift of the Emperor Edit

Karoko left the Lion army to attend the Gift of the Emperor, a tournament which was held in the birthday of the Emperor-to-be, Iweko Seiken. She met the shugenja Iuchi Daitoru, who was another contender. [4]

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