Matsu Iwoshi was a retainer of Matsu Daimyo Matsu Chizuki.

Deceived Edit

In 1200 Iwoshi moved to Shiro Kyotei, to lay claim of the castle. Recent research on Imperial Maps had discovered the north of Kintani Valley fell within the purview of Seizuka Shiro. The Tsume Daimyo Tsume Ichikuro vacated peacefully his family stronghold, but shortly after the Matsu returned it back to the Crane. They orders supposedly issued by Chizuki were a Scorpion forgery to create a second front in their war with the Lion. Ichikuro had sent words of the Matsu approach, and the Kakita had retaken Shiro no Yojin. Iwoshi was rebuked by his Lady, who had been forced to relinquish their claim to the northern Kintani Valley and Shiro no Yojin was given back to the Lion. The Ancestral Standard of the Lion, which had been seized during the Kakita assault, remained in the hands of the Crane. [1]


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