Matsu Imura 
Matsu Imura 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1128 
Parents: Kitsu father
Matsu mother 
Siblings: Matsu Kisaru,
Matsu Sakura

Matsu Imura was a bushi and beastmaster of the Lion Clan, son of a Matsu mother and a Kitsu father. [1]

Family Edit

Imura was a distant cousin of the ruling Matsu family. [2] He had an elder son, Matsu Kisaru, and a youger sister, Matsu Sakura. His grandfather was Kitsu Sashiro. [3]

Way with Animals Edit

Imura was considered an odd youth, quiet and speculative, which made him somewhat of an outcast among the other clan youth. He was 10 years of age when his latent talent emerged. [2] During an expedition on the plains of his homeland accompanied by his elderly grandfather, older brother, and younger sister Imura was being stalked by a pack of hunting cats. The hunting cats stepped forth from their camouflage and gathered around Imura, nuzzling him affectionately as if he were one of their own. These cats accompanied Imura into battle and were called Imura's Pride. [1]

Death Edit

Imura was killed the Day of Thunder by Kyojin supporting his wounded leader's pride to flee. As a result, Imura's soul passed to Chikushudo, the Realm of Animals. [1]

Legion of the Dead Edit

Imura appeared again on Rokugan as part of the Legion of the Dead answering Matsu Goemon's call, to aid in the fight against the Legion of Blood. [1]

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