Matsu Ikuko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 668 
Titles: Matsu Daimyo,
Acting Lion Champion

Matsu Ikuko was the Matsu Daimyo during the rule of the Lion Clan Champion Akodo Masahisa. She was the Acting Lion Champion for a time.

Clan's Succession Edit

In 665 Masahisa was killed while fighting the People's Legion at Bikami, shortly after his son and Lion's heir, Akodo Masaumi, had committed seppuku when the army of revolters had defeated his forces. Masahisa's adopted brother, Akodo Kenburo, was offered the championship despite he was not of Akodo's bloodline, but refused to give up his Emerald Champion's office. Ikuko was chosen as new Lion Champion until Masahisa's closest cousin could come of age. [1]

Fighting the Revolters Edit

In 666 Ikuko was commanded by the Emperor Hantei XX to recover all the lands the People's Legion controlled, but her efforts were countered. In 668 the revolutionaries had a 'capital' at Bikami. Leading the Lion's Pride Ikuko managed to confront the command staff of the Legion's leader, Asahime. She confronted the monk Rojin, who she recognized as Masahisa's father, the former Lion Champion Akodo Akihisa. In the ensuing duel Ikuko's right leg was cut at the knee by Rojin, and the Lion army withdrew. [2]

Death Edit

During winter court this year Ikuko gave Shori to the Emperor, who granted her permission to commit seppuku. Hantei XX passed Shori to Kenburo. [2]


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Preceded by:
Matsu Daimyo
? - 668
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Akodo Masahisa
Acting Lion Champion
665 - 668
Succeeded by:
Akodo Kenburo

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