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Matsu Hokitare 
Matsu Hokitare 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1123 
Siblings: Un-named sister

Matsu Hokitare was a bushi of the Lion Clan.

Appearance and Demeanor Edit

Hokitare was a honest, cheerful man, thin and wiry, with large teeth, and a winning smile. [1]

Station Edit

Hokitare served as scout of the Matsu army. [2] He served under Matsu Tsuko, who sent him to the Phoenix court, where he excelled as a forthright, honest, and quick-witted diplomat.

Scorpion Court Edit

Hokitare was reassigned to Scorpion court as a permanent post. He uncovered a brutal blackmail, masterminded by Bayushi Goshiu. The Scorpion knew of it, and tried to bribe, and threat Hokitare to get his silence, and finally murdered his younger sister. Anyhow he revealed all he knew to the Emerald Champion and fled from Scorpion lands. [1]

Tsuko's Bodyguard Edit

Tsuko recalled him to her personal guard, giving counsel in battle. [1] During the Lion-Crane War spent several months in the field, defending his lady Tsuko from Crane aggression. But a lingering wound had forced him to retire from that post, and he returned to the Imperial Capital in 1123. [3]

Scorpion Coup Edit

Matsu Hokitare 2

Matsu Hokitare

Hokitare had retired to find solace in the Hinjaku district, governed by the monk Mirumoto Hinjaku. [3] When the Scorpion Coup began he advised Tsuko that Bayushi Shoju's prodigy Bayushi Kyono was a significant threat. [4]

After the Coup Edit

In the last days of the Coup Hinjaku's cousin, Mirumoto Hojize had died of a heart-attack, leaving the Hojize district without leadership. Hokitare had seen the active resistance of Hinjaku against the Scorpion, so he spoke in Hinjaku's defense within the Imperial Palace when it was considered to merge both districts under Hojize's command. [5]

Death Edit

Hokitare died several days after the Coup. [6]

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