Matsu Hirotaro 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Matsu mother,
Akodo father 
Siblings: Several un-namd sisters 
Titles: Hundred Stances Sensei

Matsu Hirotaro was a kensai of the Lion Clan.

Early Years Edit

Born of a Matsu mother and an Akodo father, Hirotaro was trained in the Akodo Bushi school while his sisters went on to become warriors in the Matsu armies. His sharp mind and impressive coordination let him to excell in kenjutsu from an early age. When he passed gempukku he was immediately placed in command of his own squadron due to he had a good grasp of tactics. [1]

Sensei Edit

Hirotaro replaced the senior Lion student at the Hundred Stances Dojo, who had died in a duel. His clan pushed Hirotaro to challenge the sensei's dojo for the post, and achieved a brilliant victory, becoming the champion of the Dojo and its sensei. He remained so ever since, defeating numerous opponents before and since. An austere and demanding sensei, Hirotaro longed to return to the field of battle, and he secretly hoped for a stronger student to one day take his place. Eventually he was challenged by Mirumoto Saiko, who wished the title for her. Any duelist who belived the worthiest swordsman was allowed to duel the champion's dojo for the title. The arbiter Seppun Osokawa judged that Hirotaro had won the duel with bokken. [2]

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