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Matsu Hataki 
Matsu Hataki 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1160, Month of the Hare [1] 
Spouse: Bayushi Shamate

Matsu Hataki was a bushi and magistrate of the Lion Clan.

Scorpion Lover Edit

Hataki had a Scorpion wife, Bayushi Shamate [1] who joined the Matsu. [2] The romantic relationship between a Lion and a Scorpion was not welcomed by all, and she was killed by Bayushi Kuemon, [3] a jealous former lover. [2]

Hataki mourns Shamate

Hataki mourns Shamate

Vengeance Edit

Hataki kept his lover's mask as memento of his neverending love for her, [4] and pursued vengeance against her murderer. [5]

Death Edit

Hataki duels Kuemon

Hataki duels Kuemon

In 1160 Hataki found his wife killer, [6] and dueled him, [7] even when he was against eight other Scorpion. [8] Hataki took Kuemon's life [1] and died from the wounds he received in tlie battle. [9] Afterwards, Kuemon's cousin Bayushi Eitarou honored Hataki's memory. [10]

Legacy Edit

The place where Hataki died was called Shamate Pass, in honor of his beloved Shamate. [1]

External Links Edit

Matsu Hataki 2

Matsu Hataki


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