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Matsu Hachiro

Matsu Hachiro

Matsu Hachiro was a bushi of the Lion Clan, who lived in the late twelfth, early thirteenth century. [1] His trademark Mai-chong was Takatsume. [2]

Demeanor Edit

Matsu Hachiro 2

Matsu Hachiro

Hachiro never showed any desire for glory or rank, or expressed any personal ambition or drive. Yet, given the opportunity to gift on behalf of the Lion, he never faltered. His desire to bring about the death of his enemies might never lead to a position of authority, but the accolades still came. [3] Hachiro had a reputation for being unpleasant and overly angry. [4] He wished to achieve the greatness so few men of his house managed, and buried himself in his duty and lust for battle. [5]

Colonies Edit

Hachiro was sent to the Colonies after an incident in the Imperial City, involving the bushi's mockery upon a unskilled but well connected Crane artisan. [4]

Tomb of Sun Tao Edit

In 1198, during a mission exploring the Unknown Lands in the Colonies, Hachiro's unit was attacked by a beast. The bushi led the creature away from the others, and managed to lure the creature. After he evaded an attack, the beast's sheer size and weight had carried it over the edge of a cliff. From there Hachiro saw [4] the Plains of Whispered Melancholy, where the Tomb of Sun Tao was located. [6] He returned alive to the Second City, where he prayed for his dead comrades in the Temple to the Lords of Death. [7]

Fighting the Spider Edit

Hachiro defended a colonial Lion outpost against the attack of Spider forces. The enemy commander Daigotsu Ryuto realized the enemy was too well fortified and prepared for an attack, so Hachiro was challenged to a personal combat. Ryuto died, and the Lion spared the Spider troops to fight another day. Hachiro was warned by chui Daigotsu Yutaka that his lord Daigotsu Gyoken would bring new forces to destroy them. [8]

Hunting Karachu Edit

Hachiro defeats Karachu

Hachiro defeats Karachu

In 1199 Hachiro hunted down and dueled Asako Karachu, a Phoenix monk who had held a title as defender of the Second City, but who went into hiding with the former Imperial Governor of the Colonies, Otomo Suikihime. Karachu had been defeated, but Hachiro had not spared his honor, and the Phoenix were shamed for the actions of their representatives. [9]

Discovering the Daisho of Water Edit

Hachiro discovers the Daisho of Water

Hachiro discovers the Daisho of Water

Eventually Hachiro discovered the Daisho of Water, the Elemental Nemuranai. [10]

Hachiro's Legion Edit

The unit known as Hachiro's Legion would become one of the most decorated of the Lion forces. [11]

Defeated Edit

In 1199 Hachiro commanded the bulk of the Lion forces in the Colonies, who followed orders of Iweko Seiken, the Imperial Heir. His army was ambushed by the Progressive forces, and Hachiro was defeated by them, who were led by the Mantis Clan Champion Yoritomo Hiromi himself. [12]

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