Matsu Gohiro 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Matsu Shiomi 
Children: Several unnamed sons

Matsu Gohiro was the grandson of the legendary Matsu, and one of the Lion Clan's great early generals. [1]

Great General Edit

Gohiro was a tactical genius who fought the Crane and Scorpion Clans. When he married his beloved, the fiery and beautiful Matsu Shiomi, his military career truly reached greatness, as she provided the passion and battle fury in the battles planned by Gohiro. Together they took Crane territory, Beiden Pass, and a Scorpion territory reaching almost to Ryoko Owari. [1]

Death Edit

During the pacification of a Scorpion town only a day's march from Ryoko Owari, Gohiro died by a poisoned dart. Shiomi, who had been also reached by another dart, was wielding Gohiro's blade, Kyouranken. The nemuranai made her to enter in a fiery rage, overcoming temporarily the effects of the poison. Shiomi managed to kill the assailant, and with her last words ordered the Lion bushi to raze the town and slaughter its inhabitants. The Blade of Fury  passed to her eldest son, who was only four at the time of his parents' deaths. [1]


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