Matsu House Guard

Matsu Elite Guards

The Matsu House Guard was one of the Joshitsu (elite) units of the Lion Clan, [1] comprised almost exclusively of male samurai. [2] They were the personal servants of the Lion Clan Champion, sworn with blood to defend the lands of their home. [3]

Origin Edit

When a Guardian of the Hall of Ancestors perished killing a Scorpion saboteur, his young successor recognized that he needed assistance in defending the Hall of Ancestors. He recruited a dozen of the family's finest warriors and the tradition of the Matsu Elite Guard began. [2]

Tradition Edit

The structure of Shiro Matsu had long been the largest and most heavily defended fortress between Lion and Scorpion lands. Standing between the Scorpion and the majority of Lion lands was a very high priority, and some said the Matsu family selected only the most vigilant, dedicated and vicious samurai to defend it. Those chosen for this position had pledged to give their lives to kill any intruder who dared to enter the gates without permission. [4] With the loss of the Akodo family this elite legion took over the defense of the Lion Clan Champion and many other important Lion Clan personalities. [5]

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