Matsu Chonoku 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1112 
Siblings: Matsu Ino

Matsu Chonoku was a general of the Lion Clan in the early 12th century, Lord of the Suboten Castle. [1] He had a younger brother, Matsu Ino, [2] and his grandfather was Matsu Kuno. [3]

Death Edit

A Crane daimyo, Kakita Hojin, harassed the Lion border. Chonoku sent his brother Ino to explore the terrain, and he returned with tactical information. When Chonoku came to the battlefield all the notes gave by his brother proved wrong, and defeat followed in the Battle of Kotanu Plains. After the death of Chonoku the family lands passed to Ino. [4]

Betrayed Edit

Chonoku did not know Ino had plotted against him to took his place. Hojin and Ino had arranged the defeat provoked by the erroneous information passed by his brother. Ino and Hojin were exposed and died assassinated or through seppuku [4] ten years later. [5]


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