Matsu Chinojo was a samurai of the Lion Clan. His journal detailed the first day he met a member of the Dragon Clan. His sensei had invited a Mirumoto he knew by the name of Mirumoto Hatsu, who was to be Chinojo's teacher for the day. Hatsu told Chinojo to show him his stance, which Chinojo did, then told him to relax. Again Hatsu told Chinojo to show him his stance, but this time Hatsu struck Chinojo as he was entering his stance. Chinojo had been too preocupied with entering his stance he had not noticed the Mirumoto attacking him. Hatsu said; "Your mistake was showing me something you had shown me before. Never show your opponent something twice, for if you do you are lost." [1]


  1. Way of the Dragon, p. 12

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