Matsu Beastmasters

a Matsu Beastmaster

The Matsu Beastmasters were a unique unit that used fierce warcats in battle, typically attached to reserve companies. [1]

Origin Edit

A branch of the Matsu family began to train some of Rokugan's natural predators, the lions. Initially their efforts were ineffective and the family endured caustic ridicule. Two generations of lions had been born into captivity before the first lion was comfortable enough with human company to accept training. [2]

Tradition Edit

An elite and selective school of the Lion Clan, they were few in number. They accompanied the front ranks of the Matsu soldiers, often scattering the enemy before them and opening a hole in their defenses for the Lion army to exploit. They also followed the front lines, killing those enemies overrun by the Matsu soldiers. The leader of the Beastmaster's pride had been personally raised from a cub by the Beastmaster, and no other human ever worked with this animal. [3] The communication between Beastmaster and warcat bordered on the mystical. Once a warcat had trained with her Beastmaster, she could sense what he wanted without any words or gestures. [4]

Whips Edit

Beastmasters often carried a whip into battle. This was an intimidation tactic used primarily against enemies and to direct difficult warcats in battle. [3]

Beastmaster Techniques Edit

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