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Matsu Arata

Matsu Arata

Matsu Arata was a samurai-ko paragon and justicar of the Lion Clan.

Justicar Edit

Arata was a student of an ancient and honored tradition, that of the justicar. She sought fugitives from justice, sealing both their guilt and their life in a duel. She had never been defeated, which only assured her that her cause was just. [1]

Colonies Edit

Arata was appointed in the Second City, the colonial capital. In 1198 she pondered with Kitsu Miro, the Lion representative there, about the outcome of the Siege of the Second City. [2] Eventually the city surrendered to the Ninth Imperial Legion.

Madness Edit

P'an Ku reached across Ningen-do and its madness spread all the districts of the city. Miro sent word to the Imperial Legion through Arata. [3]

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