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Matsu Agoro

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Matsu Agoro

Matsu Agoro

Matsu Agoro was a bushi and a deathseeker of the Lion Clan.

Cursed Edit

Agoro, who had been prone to sleepwalking, denied to his sensei he had left the dojo in the night, as seen by a fellow student. The next night Agoro also was seen outside, taking part in many form of vice the city offered. His sensei called a shugenja, who revealed that Agoro, who was born at night, was touched by Onnotangu, and as such, half of his life is in Lord Moon's control. Under his own will, Matsu Agoro was an honorable man, but under the will of Onnotangu he was a dishonorable and disreputable man. His only option was the life of a Deathseeker. [1]

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