Matsu Agame 
Matsu Agame 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1123 
Children: Matsu Izedan

Matsu Agame was a bushi and diplomat of the Lion Clan.

Peace Negotiations with the Crane Edit

In 1123 [1] the Emperor had ordered Lion and Crane Clans to begin peace negotiations. Both Clans had not settled the tensions started with the attack to Toshi Ranbo by the Lion's heir Akodo Arasou, and his ensuing death. Agame was contacted by the shikken Tankenka, who was sent as an Imperial Regent to arrange the ceasefire. [2]

Shame Exposed Edit

Agame had begun a forbidden relationship with Doji Meiko, daughter of an enemy Crane general posted at Toshi Ranbo. The relationship was publicly exposed, shaming the couple. Agame committed seppuku, with his son, Matsu Izedan, acting as his second. [3]

Death Edit

During the ceremony Izedan was struck down by an arrow from the Crane lines, leading in the Battle of the Forgotten Tide. Agame's shame lingered, dying sobbing Meiko's name, his cut unfinished. [3]


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