The Place of Unity was a small Moshi compound near Kyuden Gotei, residence of their ambassador to the Mantis Clan. As the matriarchal traditions of the Moshi seemed odd for the rest of the Mantis families, the administrator of Matomari no Tokoro was always a man. [1]

Appearance Edit

The compound consisted of several single-story structures connected by walkways on four-foot stilts, which protected from the flooding caused by typhoons, and surrounded by an eight-foot stone wall. It was not readily apparent the tremendous amounts of wealth and valuable trade goods that passed through it, because much of the communication between families involved tax levies, loans, and gifts. [1]

Duty Edit

It served as a commun­ication center between the Moshi and Yoritomo family, but over time led the Tsuruchi family to use it as well. Most messages conveyed between families pass through this location. A Moshi magistrate and arbitrator also resided there helping to settle differences by non-violent means. [1]

Known Administrators Edit


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