The Masters of Court Web Supplement was an online supplement released by Alderac Entertainment Group following the release of Masters of Court. This supplement contains many new NPCs, Dojos, and more that were not in the printed book of Masters of Court. [1]

Credits Edit

  • Project Leader: Dace
  • Additional Material: Mason Crawford, Erykah Fasset, Howard Hooven, Ryan Reese
  • RPG Rules Team: Mason Crawford, TiMar Long, Aaron Rubman
  • Head Playtester: Brian Bates
  • Team #1: Brian Yoon, Dave Smith, Patrick Chen, Aien Elmi, Jason Kang, Ki Chang Kim, Roger Liang, Arthur Nguyen
  • Team #2: Lucas Twyman, Lee Masheter, Amanda Martyn, Chad Kirby, Andrew Flynn, Lauren Murray
  • Team #3: Kit LaHaise, Tom Lewis, Catherine Pickett, Bret David Hewes, Francois Martineau
  • Team #4: Rob Hobart, Becca Hobart, Todd Stites, Will Stampley, Kevin Blake, Lewis Fleak, Daniel Briscoe, Bob Martin
  • Team #6: TiMar Long, Erykah Fassett, Tracy Pinkelton, Daniel Walters, Laura Harvey, Kelly Hoesing
  • Team #7: Jason Shafer, Nathan Shafer, Matt Strout, Liza Strout, Joe White, Terry "Dingo" Moore, Eric Newlin
  • Team #8: Robert Knight, Brebouillet Mathieu, Aaron Rubman, David & Richard Whitney, Stuart Biggs, Edward Reynolds, Jean-­‐Philippe Lafond, Ryan Goossens
  • Team #10: Luke Fleeman, Joseph Schuster, Andrew Snow, Christopher Myers, Michael Neer, Paul Siebuhr, Ryan Flynn
  • Team #11: Cory Mills, Catlin Mills, Molly Poole, Darren Walters, Lynne Ahlgren, Jeremy Bullens, Albert Koenig
  • Team #12: Don Eisele, Kate Adams, Matt Ussary, Janet Bozarth, Nate Hedrick, Mike Shimek, Chester Decker
  • Team #13: Howard Hooven, Jennifer Oney-­‐Hooven, David Farmer, Scott Smith, William Hart, Gentry Trimble
  • Team #14: Stephanie Dane, Greg Krywusha, Reginald Garth, Ryan Reese, Elliot Smorodinsky, Randy Schneider
  • Team #15: Mason Crawford, Allen Cantrell, Julien Valette, Kristof Parker, April Hamilton, Mark Butler, Luis Fernando de Vasconcelos
  • Team #16: Mike Brodu, Bane Hanshin, Wendell Katerenchuk

Crab Clan - Page 1 Edit

Dragon Clan - Page 3 Edit

Lion Clan - Page 5 Edit

Mantis Clan - Page 6 Edit

Phoenix Clan - Page 8 Edit

Unicorn Clan - Page 10 Edit


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