Masserah was a Greensnake naga mountaineer scout.

Destroyers Edit

The Foul had a new leader, the goddess Kali-Ma. Masserah decided to remove all traces of her people from the path of these beasts. They should have no knowledge of the naga. [1]

Kyobu Mura Edit

In 1173 Masserah moved to the village of Kyobu Mura, which would be assaulted by the Destroyers, the gaijin demon followers of the goddess. Within the village the Scorpion had gathered many items and scrolls stole from the naga cities. She came to erase these tracks from the invader's path. She encountered a tainted Spider, Daigotsu Gahseng, who she believed that he was fighting against the Destroyers and gifted him with a blade that would pain the Foul greatly. The naga adviced Gahseng to kill himself with the blade after the Destroyers' defeat. [1]

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